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Teas Test Essentials: Tips and tricks

Posted by Skyscape on Mar 29, 2018 4:58:13 PM

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), is a standardized test for aspiring nurses who wish to enter nursing school. It is used to test the general academic skill level of those applying for nursing school to determine their placement requirements and educational needs.

Taking the TEAS is a preliminary part of applying for nursing school. Your score on the test will affect your ability to get into the best nursing schools in the country. The better your score, the better your chances to be accepted by the best nursing schools.


TEAS Testing Basics

The questions cover Math, Science, English language comprehension, and English language use. Each section will cover one of these five topics. There will be 170 questions total on the test.

  • Reading: 42 questions, 58 min
  • Math: 30 questions , 51 min,
  • Science: 48 questions, 66 min
  • English Language Usage: 30 questions, 34 min

The test will be assessed on 13 separate metrics which are designed to help administrators fulfill their duties with greater accuracy. It is not a pass/fail test. It is an assessment test, and each section requires applicants to score between the 60th and 70th percentile to proceed;

The questions are multiple choice and drawn randomly from a bank of about 1500 questions.

You will have a total of 209 minutes, about 3 and ½ hours to complete the test.

 As stated, the roughly 60th percentile score requirement for academic placement does not seem very steep. However, to get into the best schools, a score ranking in the 91st percentile is considered ideal.


Taking the TEAS Test

To take the test, contact the school you are applying for. Visit the ATI TEAS website to register and create an account. To take the test, you will need an appointment at a testing center.

Bring a valid ID, No 2 pencils, proof of registration. And leave cell phones at home.

You will be required to pay a transcript fee of $27 to have your test results transmitted to your school of choice.

A number of resources exist online to help people prepare for the test. CCBC bookstores and atitesting.com are considered to be the most mainstream sources and certain fees are associated with their services.

Those who wish to retake the test may do so within the admission cycle.


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