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"4 Million Reasons to Celebrate": A Nurse Educator's reflections

Posted by Skyscape on May 6, 2019 1:39:49 PM


This week is National Nurses Week! We, at Skyscape, are honoring the many Nurse Educators who work tirelessly to give us 4 Million Reasons To Celebrate!

Dr. Cherie Rebar, Professor of Nursing at Wittenberg University, shares her thoughts on what it means for her:

"During Nurses Week, it is only appropriate that people remember their favorite nurses. Sometimes that is a family member or close friend, and other times it is a nurse that took care of self or a loved one during a time of need.

This year, I want to call special attention to the Nurse Educators who have dedicated their lives to preparing each generation of Nurses. Without great teachers, there is no further profession. At the root of every professional, is an educator who made an impact on his or her life.

Nursing is no different. I look back and remember the amazing Nurse Educators who took a chance on me in the early 1990’s, a young and naive student who wanted to do nothing more than save my little corner of the world. I am particularly grateful to those who opened their offices and their hearts to me when I struggled, and who gave me confidence when mine ran low. I have had the opportunity for the past 14 years to “pay it forward“ by teaching another amazing generation of Nurses.

Our professional actions have the ability to create a butterfly effect. In my world, there is no better way to positively affect the profession of Nursing than to be a Nurse Educator. Done well, humbly, and rightly, a tiny bit of my heart for our profession carries forward into the patient care delivered by my amazing former students, who are now my valued colleagues. I cannot imagine doing anything else as a Nurse that is more meaningful."

 - Cherie R. Rebar, PhD, MBA, RN, COI

With these thoughts, join Skyscape this week as we honor the 4 Million Reasons to Celebrate!

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