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Don't Graduate from "Google University"

Posted by Sandeep Shah on May 18, 2016 3:04:54 PM

We recently came across some research that Google searches can give your brain "an inflated perception of self-knowledge", a likely condition that will soon be classified as a mental disorder by DSM-5 (paradoxically, when we googled this syndrome, we came across a condition called Dunning–Kruger effect that deals with the illusory superiority of this kind.  Clearly I am being facetious to make a point that this should not give me a license to practice as a Psychiatrist!)

So where are we going with this?  We are concerned that this is a growing problem, especially when healthcare is involved.  These so called experts (let's call them the graduates of "Google University" or "Wikipedia College"), when unleashed in the medical profession with their mobile gadgets could turn out to be dangerous.  The educators are constantly challenged to make sure that the students and trainees are properly inducted in the desired profession, amidst this changing dynamics.

So what is one to do to ensure that we are churning out a new generation of professionals that can be trusted to possess sound fundamentals?  One solution is to use the technology wisely.  Making sure that the Google research is used to really compile the information needed for deeper dive and more trusted information sources.  In the medical environment, this is the world that has been seeded for years by the publishing industry and well-respected authors and editors.  At Skyscape, we took the approach of 'corralling' the well known and "Gold Standard" sources in medicine and nursing and the appropriate specialties within.  These resources have been published by the established publishers like Elsevier, McGraw-Hill, F.A.Davis or Wolters Kluwer; and the organizations like Washington University, Massachusetts General Hospital or ASHP.  By ensuring that the information is being accessed from a trusted pool of resources, now you can be positive that you are not being subjected to "misinformation" (whether misguided or deliberate for commercial mischief).

We have been also proud and proactive to work with so many medical and nursing schools to incorporate the right kind of resources for their students.  Skyscape has adapted many of the familiar resources for use in the course curricula. Over the recent few years, we have been working closely with the faculty members and students.  As a result we have supplemented the reference capabilities with modern and timely approaches of teaching in a "flipped class room" and collaborative methodologies, drawing inspirations from the educational gaming and social media technologies.

We are happy to do our part in making sure that the world is lot more safer in the hands of the "true professionals" with rigorous knowledge!



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